Ever since finding out that Steven Yeun has opened a new restaurant (which he co-owns together with his brother, Brian Yeun) earlier this year, the fan-girling self within me could barely contain her eagerness to see and taste it for herself. After three years of roaming the streets of the City of Angels, The Bun Truck has decided to finally extend its horizons by opening up a storefront. Hence, The Bun Shop was born.

Located in the heart of Koreatown in the corner of Western Avenue and Council Street, this "bao bun and brew shop" is unquestionably a fresh addition to the plethora of Korean barbecue and boba joints scattered all over Central Los Angeles. Offering an Asian fusion with a Mediterranean twist, it's safe to say that The Bun Shop displays flavors that can't be found in your average bao.

What truly captured my attention was the industrial-meets-modern-rustic feel of the place. If you know me, you would know that I'm all about the industrial look - the salvaged wood panels, unmasked lightbulb fixtures, and exposed brick walls. So, you can just imagine my glee upon entering the joint! TBS's walls are covered with dark wood interior (akin to the wood tables and seats that make up their booths), matched with stainless steel accents seen through their bar tables and stools next to gigantic storefront windows perfect for people-watching. The brown and black tones wholly present in the shop's aesthetic appeal are complemented by the artworks on canvas hung on the wall the wooden booths are situated by. Everything is seamlessly thrown together, from the hanging light bulbs from the ceiling to the Oscar-the-Grouch-status metal trash cans, The Bun Shop's ambiance is enough to make this a new casual and hip spot for anyone. A beer license is the only thing missing from the equation, which they are currently working on.

Just look at this beauty 

Yours truly got a "2 buns + side" combo for $7.50 plus sweet potato fries for an additional two bucks. Not too shabby for this tasty treat, right?
Now, let's talk buns. The first one my taste buds got to try was the "Beefy" which was basically bulgogi, tempura fried onion, and mixed greens delightfully sewn altogether with their house aioli. Frankly, the shreds of bulgogi were a tad dry for my own taste. However, I do understand why it may be so simply because the pillowy aspect of the bun is more susceptible to sogginess. Therefore, I can only assume that the bulgogi's dryness was only a preventive measure because no one ever likes soggy food. Yes, I like to think I'm an optimist.
Up next was "Katsu" which comprised of panko crusted chicken breast, freshly sliced cucumber, and citrus slaw on a blanket of spicy barbecue sauce. This, my friends, was the favorite. IS a favorite. A seemingly easy and simple concoction to many, this cooked-to-crispy-perfection chicken katsu provided the perfect texture to the bao without losing the juiciness of the meat. Its crunchiness after every bite will be music to your ears, I tell you.
Overall, it was a great first time experience at TBS. From the welcoming and friendly staff to the all-around positive atmosphere the place exudes, this bao spot has quickly become a new favorite of mine... so much so that I actually went back for a second round the next night!

A close up shot of the "Katsu"
A close up shot of the "Beefy"

That's the tempura fried onion, you dirty-minded folks!

To the right is a sick graffiti-like artwork on the wall which plays homage to their food truck roots.
One of the artworks hung on the wall.
Perfect for people watching!
The shop's overall interior.
The Bun Shop Round 2 (the next day)
Side by side
First day and second day meals

The Bun Shop

155 N. Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90004

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