"Almost there," I say to my friend as we walk past an old, gigantic, industrial warehouse building enveloped with aged brick walls in faded red and brown tones.
The streets are deserted, no sign of moving vehicles nor of human presence aside from our own. A few steps more and we arrive right in front of an alleyway.
"We're here," I tell my friend. He gives me a puzzling look as if to question whether his safety is about to be jeopardized. He turns his head to the left and reveals a surprised expression on his face.

Because of its unique location and raw aesthetic appeal, Daily Dose boasts no sign of pretentiousness; there's no fancy decor needed since the exterior of the two adjacent buildings streamed with little light bulbs from wall to wall, and a wooden trellis supporting the vines and climbing plants suspended above to give shade to the foodies, became the perfect backdrop for someone to enjoy a nice brunch while sipping coffee on a bright and sunny day.
Though the sandwich lack in the texture department, I love crunchiness on anything I eat FYI, all of the veggies complement each other tastefully well impart because of the flavor the pesto and ancho chili jam bring out. Running at $11 a pop, I’d say it’s quite pricey for a mere sandwich, though the value of it lies on the apparent freshness and nourishing meal itself. The Farmer's huge portion size is also a big plus, allowing it to successfully satiate the hungry tummy of mine. Aside from the delicious food, Daily Dose offers an assortment of tasty coffee drinks to pair up with their goodies. One of which is quite possibly the best iced chai latte I've ever had.
With its rustic allure and scrumptious food, Daily Dose Cafe has immediately become one of my favorite go-to spots in LA whether for a casual brunch or a quick lunch. The cool ambiance of this eatery is enough to warrant multiple visits, that's for sure.
1820 Industrial St
Ste 104
Los Angeles, CA 90021
(213) 281-9300

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