République's elaborate interior
It’s common knowledge that our beloved Los Angeles is home to a rich culinary diversity due to its huge melting pot of culturally diverse Angelenos that help shape this city. Delightful establishments ranging from trendy cafes, to casual brunch spots, all the way to fine-dining restaurants are sprawled all over LA each with the intention of only bringing high-quality, tasteful experience for the bonafide foodies.

Every year, numerous new restaurants pop up and gamble to stay afloat amidst the cutthroat competition within the food and restaurant industry. With countless of other eateries a person can choose from, it truly becomes a challenge for some to remain unique and relevant more so than the competitor next door. Some manage just enough to get by, others not so much.

The outside of Republique featuring a floor-to-ceiling window wall.
In last year’s culinary war of recently opened restaurants, however, one emerged victorious. Hailed by the three-time recipient of National Magazine AwardsLos Angeles Magazine, as the best new restaurant of 2014République has undeniably proven its merit that can be attested by the restaurant's full house crowd night after night, and can rival that of other well-established restaurants in just a short amount of time.

Large windowed ceiling adorned with multiple hanging light bulbs
Its delectable French-centered menu is catered within its beautifully designed 1920s inspired interior which architecturally reflect the era the building was originally structured. The outcome boasts of exposed white brick walls, multiple hanging period light fixtures from the ceiling, reclaimed wood tables for its communal and traditional dining arrangements to add to its rustic appeal, which are all strategically situated atop of green and white colored geometric tile flooring and illuminated by the mesmerizing natural light coming through the massive floor-to-ceiling windows of the French eatery.

République’s brunch, lunch, and dinner menus each deliciously vary, but as someone who has tasted several dishes from all three menus from different occasions, I can honestly say that the execution of the food delivered on the plate is nothing short of scrumptious. And may I just say that their Maine Lobster Soup (though I unfortunately failed to photograph before devouring it) is, hands down, the best soup my tongue has ever tasted.

The rest of this post will highlight some of the meals I've had the pleasure to feed myself with.
Feast your eyes!

The Regular Breakfast
The Regular Breakfast consists of organic fried eggs, the thickest piece of bacon I have ever seen which they aptly call “bacon steak”, fingerling potatoes, and a nice warm baguette. The “bacon steak” in and of itself is the star of the show. Its juiciness oozing with flavor is enough to satiate one’s hunger. And when the richness of the steak becomes a bit much, it can be easily neutralized by a tasty piece of freshly baked baguette.
The Croque Madame
The Croque Madame consists of house-cured ham, gruyere cheese, organic fried egg, and baby green salad.  Just like the previous meal, meat in the form of ham is clearly the winner on this one. Deliciously juicy and richly flavored meat is the sole reason as to why yours truly cannot permanently go full vegetarian. The ham exudes the perfect combination of sweetness and natural saltiness of it. The fried egg is cooked to perfection; its yolk is simply the goddess of egg yolk idolatry.

"Eggs on Toast"
Their "Eggs on Toast" appetizer is pretty damn straight to the point. It's basically three ingredients atop one another: soft scrambled eggs and Santa Barbara uni on a crostini. Who knew sea urchin could work so well with eggs on toast? I certainly didn't. And yet, there I was, consuming the whole thing in just one bite.

Sea urchin isn't only for sushi anymore, folks!

Wood Oven Roasted Asparagus
It's highly possible that their asparagus plate is my favorite appetizer from République thus far.
With wild oregon ramps, arugula, and fried egg (I love eggs, can't you tell?), this little dish is the perfect pre-main course for any meal, really.

Crispy Soft Shell Crab
This salad dish is pretty much a spring cobb salad in crustacean steroids. It's something I like to call sinfully healthy - healthy because of the salad aspect, and sinful due to the glorious bacon strips on every bite and of course, the ginormous chunks of deep fried soft shell crab. 

Just look at that crustacean deep fried beauty!
Though the soft shell crab was obviously supposed to be the star of the plate, my taste buds couldn't help but gravitate more toward the rightfully acidic bed of cobb salad underneath. It's definitely something that can stand alone on its own.

Spaghetti Rustichella
This spaghetti consisting of live pacific dungeness crab, calabrian chile, garlic, and basil was, simply put, good. If there's another thing I can say about it, it's "More crab meat, please!"

New Zealand John Dory
If you're a fish lover, or simply a food lover in general, then you've got to try République's John Dory dish! With our standards set high by the deliciously perfect Maine Lobster Soup minutes prior, my significant other and I didn't think anything could top off or even come remotely close to the savory triumph we had just experienced. And we were wrong. Dead wrong.  Together with wild mushrooms, celery root puree, brown butter, and meyer lemon, this John Dory meal was everything a plate of food should be - simple, yet exquisite in flavors, that will surely warrant a colloquial mono-syllabic compliment that means absolutely everything, "Wow!"

I've never been a big fan of oxtail, perhaps due to the greasy and very unhealthy ways of incorporating it in traditional meals within the Filipino food culture. However, after having this Cavatelli with red wine-braised oxtail, porcini mushrooms, swiss chard, and pecorino, yours truly has  had a change of heart. The meat was so tender it literally melted in my mouth. It was the absolute complement to the al-dente cavatelli slightly submerged in a wine reduction sauce.

Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé
Two of my ultimate favorite desserts are chocolate soufflé and ice cream. There's just something about the juxtaposing elements of hot and cold as a dessert that tastefully appeals to me. Combine both together and you've got this girl salivating like no other.  With raspberries inside, topped off with grand marina ice cream, this sweet treat is something I can definitely eat time and time again. 

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie with vanilla ice cream
I'm not a huge pie girl but this one is something else.
 I can still taste the crispness of the crust and the warmth and freshness of the strawberry and rhubarb filling.
The vanilla ice cream was pretty much the cherry on top. 

Aside from the full menu, République also houses a little bakery situated right by the entrance that offers a wide selection of freshly baked goods from muffins to whole cakes.

With its invitingly warm ambiance and outstanding quality of food, République has easily become a favorite of mine.
Having it as a neighbor isn't so bad either.

624 South La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles,CA 90036

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  1. So much deliciousness!! What an amazing read, loving the photos <3 Can't wait for my friends to take me here, yummmm!


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