I nonchalantly place my boxy, old rose colored purse to my left, as I sit on the wooden bench in the back patio. Across from the table is a large, white washed, vintage sign of a deep red lobster lying across the center, as if to say 'Come hither' to seduce you. The words "Live Local" and "Martha's Vineyard" hug the crustacean illustration from top to bottom in black capitalized letters. Charming, I thought. The sign easily pops out on a sea of rust colored concrete wall.

The patio is quite small. Only six circular metal tables painted in white are lined up across the cozy space. A wooden lattice wall, with vines intertwining all throughout, is cleverly built as an extension of the long enveloping bench to save space in dividing the outdoor dining area and parking lot. Only one table, the farthest from my right, is occupied apart from mine. Yes, this place always makes me feel good about coming here. Almost therapeutic, I would say.

A few moments later and I hear the glass door creak open from the left. I tilt my head to the side and make immediate, unintentional eye contact with those piercing ocean blue eyes. But before I could even drown in them, my gaze quickly shifts onto the stainless steel serving tray he's carrying. The one I've been eagerly waiting for - my precious lobster rolls. 

Within the borders of Silver Lake, near the intersection of Sunset Blvd and Westerly Terrace, a quaint, rustic shack with indigo picket fence stands with a small "Welcome" wooden sign hung right at the entrance to invite you in. The place is called Knuckle and Claw, and it's LA's first lobster roll shack in its purest form. 

As soon as you enter, your eyes are instantly drawn to a huge old-school blackboard framed with reclaimed wood planks of various shapes and sizes. On it you will find the only information you'd need - their simplistic menu. K&C offers four crustacean options in their shack: Maine lobster (ultimate favorite!), blue crab, Atlantic shrimp, and Dungeness crab. From there you can pick the style you want served to you - either a full or mini roll, or a 'knuckle sandwich' which is essentially a crustacean grilled cheese in toasted sourdough bread.

The ordering process is fast and easy in five simple steps: you pick (1) your crustacean, (2) the style, (3) sides, (4) drinks, and (5) dessert. And you swiftly do it all right by the board in front of the counter. They give you a number, you take a seat, and anticipate for the goodness that is to come your way.

K&C's straightforward approach extends to the simple, but never plain, taste of their roll offerings. First and foremost, the lobster roll is made up of a generous amount of whole knuckle and claw meat (true to its name, may I add) from fresh lobsters flown in daily all the way from Maine. The grilled buns are locally baked from Rockenwagner Bakery and are lightly coated with mayo inside. Melted butter is drizzled on top of the meat, and finished off with a sprinkle of their secret seasoning.

That's it! No extra, fancy ingredients necessary. Just good ol' lobster and a bit of a combination of mayo and butter. Straightforward, simple, and delicious. That's how lobster rolls should be.

Aside from the rolls and sandwiches, K&C also offers several other delectable options on the menu: a lobster pot pie, oysters, chowders (chipotle corn and New England clam), and a handful of combos they call "Super Specials" where you can try all of the rolls, choose full or mini, at a set price.

White tiled walls, New England nautical blues and reds, and a gallery wall filled with images of  oceanside fishing and anything akin to it help establish a certain East Coast beach vibe for K&C in the heart of Silver Lake. With a menu like theirs, who says good lobster rolls are only found in the East?

5 simple steps to goodness
Full Maine Lobster Roll 
The Atlantic Flight
mini lobster roll, mini blue crab roll, mini shrimp roll
chips or honey dijon slaw
three 1/2 pint beer pairings
The Atlantic Flight
mini lobster roll, mini blue crab roll, and mini shrimp roll

3112 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
323 407 6142

Sun - Thur | 11am - 10pm
Fri & Sat | 11am - 11pm

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