Eh eh oh, eh oh...

These notes invade my senses, masking all thoughts and all emotions.
Inhibitions evaporating into the warm desert air,
both heart and mind completely succumbing to utter bliss.

A sea of bodies illuminate these eyes,
whose intricate waves give an abundant splashes of life to the melody.
Yes, the melody.

The walls kept tumbling down...

And yet, I see no walls
but rather a vibrant horizon, as I ascend with extended arms.

Friendly faces, and smiles that transcend differences...
Oh, how exhilarating it is!
to witness the rupture of jubilation as one.

If you close your eyes...

The heart plunges into the depths of the harmony,
as a multitude of voices reverberate all around.

With the advent of the end,
It does feel like I've been here before. 


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