Her lips let out a soft sigh,
slowly becoming a familiar break from the haze she has found herself in nowadays. 

It's been happening more frequently. 
More so than she's used to. 

Laden on the screen in front of her are words about carats and clarity,
which have now morphed into images reminiscent of laughter and lingering stares. 

Days comprised of mental replays, rewinds, and pauses.
All unexpected to her unsuspecting self. 

She takes a glance at the black mobile plugged in beside the monitor.
A particular absence continues to leave a mark.

The 7inch screen remains blank, distant.
Deprived of that trisyllable that hasn't been visible in a while.

Her small right hand reaches out almost instinctively, but stops midair.
Perhaps tomorrow, and her lips let out a soft sigh once more.


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